Programs for service stations - Bravoil Express

The strategic way of "Bravoil Express" is cooperation with car maintenance stations.

Our task is to help the owner and the staff of the service station to improve the quality of the services provided, to further attract customers, to increase the level of technical equipment and qualifications of the staffof the service station.

Our programs assume long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms with the involvement of our financial and intellectual resources to increase the effectiveness of your business, depending on your individual needs. 

Below is a description of the main programs of our cooperation:

Beginner Brand Package   

For new customers we provide a set of materials in the corporate style of Bravoil / Bravoil Express. This set includes overalls for mechanics, pumps for filling barrel products, measuring capacity, application catalogs, banners and flags, printed advertising products. In addition, you receive the certificate of an authorized sales point for Bravoil products.

Bonus For Increasing Sales

You have a certain monthly need for lubricants. We will offer you to increase sales of our products and sign a quarterly procurement plan, in which you will receive an additional bonus, for example, a certificate for the purchase of household appliances in one of the supermarkets of electronics and also participation in our rafless. 

Express Investment 

You need to urgently purchase equipment or tools for car maintenance stations and at the moment you do not have available funds. We are ready purchase the necessary equipment and provide it to you on an installment or lease basis. If you fulfill the obligations to purchase lubricants, this equipment will be yours for a symbolic price.


You want your car maintenance stations to look more attractive, but the cost of decoration is high. We can offer you the design of your car maintenance stations in the style of Bravoil Express. In this case, we will involve a professional agency that will make the project, coordinate it with you, produce the materials and perform the installation.

Investment contract

If you need a serious re-equipment of the car maintenance stations, or you are willing to open a new station on a site and you need financial support - Contact Us. At your request we will make an investment calculation and provide an offer. The amount and term of the project is calculated based on your needs and depends on the volume of consumption of lubricants.

If at the moment you do not need an investment, but you plan to purchase equipment after a certain time, we can offer you to sign an investment contract right now, and the equipment to provide later on your request.

Since the signing of the contract, you are already accumulating volume to pay off obligations for the forthcoming investment.