The BRAVOIL principle

t is simple and efficient: The company’s size isn’t everything. Constant growth and the systematic pursuit of goals are what count. Social acceptance is also important. To secure long-term success, the company is committed to creating jobs in worldwide. At the end of 2016, the company had more than 42 agents on its books – almost 40 percent more than the previous year. Every day they prove that success is possible: with the “made in UAE” label, because of the “made in UAE” label.

Lifestyle & Profitability are one of the goals. As well as this, everyone at BRAVOIL has to meet the high demands that they set for themselves: complete customer orientation, respectful and trusting behavior towards each other, progressive technology and production, conscientious research, environmental protection and safety. Everybody has a responsibility, to both the customers and their own company history.

Compared to its competitors, the company from Dubai is small, does not belong to a group and is owner-managed – all of which makes the BRAVOIL principle a Mr. Mayilov’s principle too. But there’s no way the firm is frightened of the industry’s big players. The comparison simply motivates them to perform even better.

The principle of tradition

It all started in 2011 with the production of lubricants for African region. The company’s founder, Mr. Tural Mayilov, set his entire focus on goods that were practically indispensable in the growing industrialization. The company’s full product range includes more than 1,000 articles for the automotive and manufacturing industries, retail and the motor trade. With a technically sophisticated, ultramodern production site and its own laboratories boasting facilities that surpass international standards, BRAVOIL always guarantees top quality in every product.

Having plenty of mainstays spreads risk and opens up additional market potentials: As well as manufacturing products in its own name, BRAVOIL also supplies quality engine oils for the mid and big sized governmental organizations – a consolidated company – and has also made a name for itself as a contract filler for Franchising store brands and instant oil change places as BRAVOIL Express.

The Dubai-based company’s product range covers lubricants for cars, commercial vehicles and industry, including synthetic industrial gear oils (PAO oils) for. BRAVOIL supplies extremely heat-resistant low-ash and zinc-free hydraulic oils.

The logistics services, in particular, provide a valuable extra feature for customers.

The principle of customer proximity

Some researchers sit in an iconic tower developing strategies and concepts that end up being scrapped because they have no practical use – that’s not the way of the BRAVOILers. Their direct discussions with their customers are a key factor of their success. Listening, thinking and meticulous work make a successful trio. The concepts that are drawn up soon end up exactly where they are needed: in sales, which helps to improve the positioning of the “BRAVOIL – Oils of Dubai” brand. At present, eleven sales representatives with technical qualifications are employed and three others are set to join them, along with a key account manager for the Industrial area.

50 retailers currently work with BRAVOIL. These include independents and dealers who work with other brands and sell “BRAVOIL” as a second brand. These all form the focus of the sales work.

The authorized dealer concept is a key element of the customer care. In 2016 6 new authorised dealers have been established, with another 5 planned throughout CIS for the first quarter of 2017. They take on vital roles, are the most important sales partners and the first points of contact in their regions representing the BRAVOIL brand. The authorised dealers sell the products to customers ranging from motor oil retailers and commercial consumers through to end consumers by using BRAVOIL Express system.  All of this makes for customer proximity.

The authorised dealers show that they are permanent partners with their own field services by designing their offices, sales rooms and vehicles accordingly. BRAVOIL relies on trust and commitment – its own field service offers authorised dealers intensive support, helps with exterior design, advertising materials, customer training courses, trade fairs and other marketing measures.

The authorised dealers sell the BRAVOIL brand to retailers, garages, manufacturers and agricultural companies, among others.

The principle of internationality

BRAVOIL has the whole world as a market. Opportunities and risks are not left to chance, but are in the experienced hands of strategic market developers who sound out potentials to position the Dubai-based company as an industry brand.

While the initial phase focused on goods shipped in bulks, the future will see more of an emphasis on retail with small containers and service products. The brand has enjoyed a successful start in Russia. Training courses are also part of the programme. The involvement in eastern Europe is shaping up promisingly. BRAVOIL has already established itself in Bulgaria, Macedonia too.

BRAVOIL’s best experiences on the international stage have always been in procuring raw materials. Long-standing and diversified partnerships ensure constant supplies of the best base oils, additives and all the other ingredients needed for production. After all, the quality of the raw materials has a huge impact on the quality of the finished products. In times of ever-shrinking resources, in particular, this guaranteed supply at the highest level adds a competitive edge and mark of quality.

The principle of progress

Whether these are different compositions or completely new products – the company’s own research laboratory has its eye on the future. Meticulous work and experimenting are the key principles for the development and production specialists at the oil factory. This pays off: When it comes to requests for special greases and lubricants BRAVOIL’s experts are valued partners. And they have equally close contact with the automotive industry. This is a must because vehicle manufacturers have strict requirements. Only companies that meet these obtain the manufacturers’ approvals for engine oil – which are practically certificates. BRAVOIL has obtained the latest approvals: a decisive factor in its marketing. Research means thinking at least one step ahead at all times. This background gives rise to innovations, such as the heating oil additive or specialist biological products based on renewable raw materials. These developments are of the very latest generation.

Sophisticated products and manufacturing methods are a benefit of the company’s own research and development. Another asset lies in the experienced specialists’ expertise in their own fields with all their abilities and skills. Everyone benefits from this – BRAVOIL, its customers and end consumers alike.

The principle of quality

Research is needed to create high-tech products. Strict quality norms and checks are just as essential, starting with the selection of raw materials. Only superior ingredients find their way into engine oil production. But before they are accepted, they have to overcome the hurdles of the “quality police”. From their delivery through to shipping, raw materials and end products alike undergo stringent checks and extensive trials with one test after another. An initial sample determines whether the raw material will be shipped to the nearest inland port. And there the same applies again: The materials are not pumped into the tankers without being checked. Only then can the truck-trailers set off for the production site. There the next test waits. If this is successful, the company gives the go-ahead for production – which is also accompanied by checks every step of the way.

The company’s quality is also confirmed by its DIN ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification.

The principle of environmentalism

Daily contact with inflammable and ecologically damaging substances makes for extremely careful behaviour so environmentalism is important to BRAVOIL. This starts with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Constant investments are made in the production facilities in compliance with the strictest ecological requirements – beginning with a changeover from diesel forklifts to environmentally friendly and quieter electric vehicles, which are better for people and the planet. The same applies to the products: Environmental compatibility is given top priority

Of course, individual improvements and new facilities are not enough in themselves. Everything has to fit together and form a harmonious whole that works. And that makes sense – sense for our environment.

The principle of perspective

Our Slogan and Success breeds growth – and both need to be planned.

The company is being equipped with extra laboratory facilities and a new filling plant for small containers, in addition to its existing filling plants. All this effort is aimed at keeping the company’s success curve heading upwards. The goal: to improve performance and become faster and more flexible to ensure that the factory continues to hold its own in the competition.

Planning and doing – these two aspects belong together. The key to success is to always approach tasks with both heart and mind. And see the future in an optimistic light – for a good reason. The company may not be big, but its valued tradition and passion speak for themselves. It’s all just a question of perspective.